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Written by Eddie Ferranti   
Aug 07, 2011 at 08:00 PM

ImageThe Bluebird Cafe in Nashville has been opened since 1982. The club is famous for its intimate, acoustic in-the-round showcase for composers from all over. Some are established singer/songwriters spinning their personal tales or up and comers lookin' for that big break.  Rose and I were visiting the BB for the fourth time this night and had the pleasure of seeing the stage used. 


Jill Jack and her band graced the stage for their third visit and kicked some Tennessee ass. Really dug the stage format more than the circle of performers. Club takes on a nice feel straight on and Jack and her band rolled right thru it.  The Detroit lady caught up with us before the gig and Rose told her it was rare to see a singer/songwriter from the Motor City area to which JJ barked: "Yeah everybody thinks Motown, Kid Rock, and Eminem are thee only things Detroit is known for!"  Classic.  Well "all" this girl has accomplished is have Bob Seger let her open for him in Detroit and Ontario!  Gal orchestrates the stage very well and has a raspey ballsey thing goin' on all night that being from the Midwest I could relate to. Plus being in her upper 40's and lookin' this good is not a bad thang either. 


ImageTunes included "She's a Sunflower Girl", "Northern Michigan" was killer , "Go On and Jump That Train" (I believe is the title), "Because You Love Me", "Too Far Gone" and "Breath In Breath Out" was a keeper.  Jill Jack has garnered over 20 awards in the Michigan area including 2011's top acoustic folk singer/songwriter and has 7 albums to date with her latest "Songwriter Sessions" hitting #6 on Europe's Americana charts and also landing in the Top 100 in the USA.. 


Steve Byrnes tore it up on lead guitar and she had a bad ass bass player this night by the name of Tisha Simeral. Thee Ohio native worked out on the stand up bass and added to the atmosphere of fun that filled the packed house. 


 JJ's soulful and rockin' pipes opened up well also on Randy Weeks' tune (that Lucinda Williams scored on) "Can't Let Go" !  Her captivating and natural storytelling ability made the set blow by way too fast for this reviewer. The statement song of "Live Like There is No Tomorrow" sealed the deal with this bad ass pepper pot for us!  We waited over an hour in the HEAT of N-Ville to catch this gig and it ended up being one of the highlights of our visit!  Sliding ice cold beers in a Starbucks cup in line helped, too!  God Bless JJ and hope to cross paths with her and Tisha down the musical road of life................GO see some live music now!


Eddie "Edge" Ferranti

Senior Editor


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