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Written by Abel Carmona   
Nov 02, 2006 at 08:00 PM

ImageOn Thursday night I went to check out the Suicide Girls Burlesque Tour at Numbers. And even though it wasn't a show we were sent out to cover and there was a no photos rule, I enjoyed the show enough to write a little piece about it. To start off the night there was two opening bands the first was The Watermarks.

Their music was a mix of Emo and light jazz, which wasn't all that big of a hit with the crowd. As most people there just kind of ignored the fact that they were even on stage. Next up was a band out of Tokyo, Japan called Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, when they walked on stage I thought it was going to be an interesting act because most Japanese acts are usually so different from what we see here in the US. Or maybe it was the fact that this was an all girl band from Japan who was as cute as can be.

When the vocalist took the mic she spoke in very high-pitched broken English cartoony voice. While she said a few words to the crowd I looked at them and was expecting some kind of poppy music. But I was dead wrong after her broken words of "We so happy to be here", I heard a 1, 2, 3 and they broke out in to a hard punk sound that was pretty impressive.

Even though there were a few chorus lines in some of their songs that had a pop sound to them, these girls rocked hard and everyone loved them. At the end of their set the vocalist made a lot of the crowd laugh with her final comment, which was "Thank you for coming to see the Suicide Girls and their amazing boobies".

Next up was the Suicide Girls, and while I had seen a documentary about them, I wasn't sure what their live show would be like. For those of you who have no idea what the Suicide Girls are, it's a burlesques group whose models are a mix of punk and gothic girls. With wild hair, tattoos and piercing these girls look like a playboy bunny's worst fear.

As the show started six girls came out and did a small dance number. Afterward the lead girl came out and explained the rules of no touching and no photos. So with that out of the way the show began. To start the night off a girl came out dressed like Napoleon Dynamite, with a red Afro wig and vote for Pedro shirt. The music from the movie started and she began to imitate the dance done by Napoleon from the movie. Although I seemed to like her version of it better because about half way through clothes began coming off.

The next scenes were a girl doing a dance number to the song "Darling Niki" by Prince. Followed by a girl swinging a hula-hoop with what looked like very little movement. I thought she was pretty impressive. During her number the lights went out and she turned on a lighted hula-hoop, which looked pretty cool as it swung around her body in the darkness.

The next two scenes were my favorites of the night; the first was two girls one dress as a cop with the second being a suspect. The cop was interrogating the suspect by smacking her around, dancing all over her and binding her hands together with duct tape. The girl that played the suspect really made this scene work by having this worried look of "help me" on her face the entire time.

And finally the last act of the night evolved two girls one dressed as Brittany Spears and the other as Paris Hilton. They came out and pranced around the stage that is until a third girl came out in gothic outfit and picked on the other two. Pushing them around and then pretending like she was messing with something in their heads.

After she rewired them she stood behind them like a puppeteer and made the girls do her bidding. Which included dancing very sexy, making out with each other and then of course taking off most of their clothes. It was a entertaining night to say the least, so if your ever in the mood to see some hot gothic punk chicks take most of their clothes off then by all means check out the Suicide Girls the next time they come to town.

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