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Written by Eddie Ferranti   
Aug 07, 2003 at 08:00 PM
ImageThough current rock fans may not be overly aware of Joan Jett and Pat Benatar, those who truly love rock music know these two are the Goddesses of Rock n’ Roll. These two set the standard long ago, yet have never received the household adoration they both deserve.

This may or may not irk these ladies, but for those in attendance at this dual-headlining event could care less. No one was worried about how many people were in the audience, they were there to hear real rock n’ roll from two of most talented women to ever pick up a guitar.

Opening the show was Joan Jett. With the addition of Bad Reputation on the Shrek soundtrack, the current youth have been exposed to her music and know the name, even if Britney doesn’t.

Jett, sporting a bleach-blonde pixie cut, took the stage with her band, who looked like members of a late-70s punk band complete with spiked hair. Looking as youthful and energetic as ever, Jett wasted no time getting the audience into her rock n’ roll show.

Playing all her crowd favorites, Hate Myself for Lovin’ You, I Love Rock n’ Roll and others, Jett showed she still had it through her 90 minute set, complete with two encores.

Closing out the night was Pat Benatar. What is there to be said about Benetar that hasn’t already been said? Just like Jett, Benatar holds a special place in the hearts of Rock n’ Roll fanatics everywhere. Her classic anthems have been embraced by multiple generations and continue to find ears to be turned onto them.

In right around 120 minutes, Benatar stirred up the audience with classic rockers like Hell is for Children, Promises in the Dark and Heartbreaker. Never once looking like the stateswoman she is in the rock scene, Benatar kept her youthful exuberance and rocked like someone who had never known the top of a chart or worried about sales figures.

Joan Jett and Pat Benatar were both ahead of their time and even today rock harder than most of the contemporary female rock artists, or all rock artists for that matter. Both appear ageless and, fortunately for everyone who loves music, poised to keep going.

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